Hire a Professional to Capture Your Special Moments

Why is it important to hire a photographer for the party you have been planning for weeks, even months? You've spent a small fortune on all the details to make your event special. Tableware, centerpieces, music, decorations, party favors and more have all been planned. The guest list includes valued family and friends - some of whom you haven't seen in years. Capturing these special memories takes work! Photographing the special moments, the important people you love and the essense of what the whole day is about can prevent you from enjoying the act of actually being in the moment. Afterall, everything is in place and the guests have started to arrive. Now should be your time to breathe.... to experience this cherished event, not worrying if you can't get all the family members lined up for a group photo with you great aunt, whom everyone is happy to see and who hasn't been out to gatherings much lately. Yep, in the days of amazing cell phone cameras, you might think you could handle it and snap away in order to save a little cash. BUT, take it from a photographer who hosted a graduation party for her own daughter, I was wishing I had hired someone to do the job for me! Yep, I snapped a few with the phone, but with setting up the event, the food and the activities, greeting my friends and family and her friends, I was buzzing around and didn't get all the photo memories I would have liked in the way I would have liked. I was stressed because I was trying to do all the jobs of a hostess AND not miss any photo memory opportunities.

A photographer's is to be there and to take pictures. That's it! The client may make a list of the important event features and the kind of shots they would like the photographer to capture. Then the photographer will work with you and guests to ensure you are getting great photos. You can relax and enjoy your party!