Graduation Portraits Mark an Important Time in Your Life

Graduation is an important milestone in your life. You've worked hard and now you're approaching a new chapter in your life. Professional graduation portraits offer you the chance to celebrate your achievements and to share images with loved ones. Looking back on my graduations from high school and college, I didn't have the mindset to have professional portraits taken. Somewhere in some box there may be a snapshot. I don't remember taking pictures and, IF we took pictures, we took only one or two and they were rushed. Let's face it, when you're "in the moment" you are not thinking about nice pictures to mark the occasion. Even in today's cell phone camera world, sometimes a great photo opportunity is missed. AND, sometimes the snaps you take with a cell phone camera don't do you justice. When you're excited about your big day, not many people pay attention to lighting, composition and background. That's why scheduling a professional portrait session is important. Booking portraits takes the worry out of getting the kind of images that will last. Your photographer will have a mental checklist of the kinds of photos you want and the important people who should be in those shots with you. When you book with me, you'll get a session that is uniquely tailored to you. There's no hustle/bustle of event activities. The time is all about you! Bring your graduation props, wear your cap and gown. If you don't have it yet, I have a collection of caps and gowns in my client closet. Be sure to steam or iron out your gown! Package folding creases can ruin a lovely cap and gown session. Pay attention to lips, hair and fingernails. Lips should be moist. If you don't wear lipstick, bring a Chapstick. Guys, you will need a Chapstick to keep your lips moist, as well. Nothing ruins a great photo like dry, cracked or peeling lips! Hair should be neat. Guys, check your facial hair. If you shave, make sure you shave your neck. Check your eyebrows and nose hair. Fingernails should be clean and if you wear nail polish, it should not be chipped. Wear something simple under the gown. No bulky shirts, long bulky sleeves or sweaters and no busy prints. Makeup should look natural. Leave blemishes alone. Squeezing them only leaves your skin blotchy. They can be photoshopped out.